Looking through my photographs I came across this from a trip Kiwi and I did some time back. If I’m truthful, I can’t remember the last time we headed out in the surf together. Seems like most of my days are filled with staring at computer screens. I missed that combination of exhilaration mixed with a healthy dose of fear as a large way comes baring down on you. And I miss the sitting around a campfire at the end of the day swapping tales of miss-adventures.  With the new year just around the corner maybe I need to make 2016 a ‘surf’ year again.


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Westport is located on a peninsula on the south side of the entrance to Grays Harbor from the Pacific Ocean. The public Westport Marina is the largest marina on the outer coast of the United States’ Pacific Northwest. The marina is home to a large commercial fishing fleet and several recreational charter fishing vessels. A summer-only passenger ferry, discontinued in 2008, previously connected the town to Ocean Shores, across the mouth of the harbor to the north. Westport is home to Westport Yachts, founded in 1964.

For a surfer, it’s never-ending. There’s always some wave you want to surf. — Kelly Slater

Westport was officially incorporated on June 26, 1914. Names for the area in the past include Peterson’s Point,Chehalis City and Ft. Chehalis. The latter name is for a fort established in 1860 before the town was founded. The area was used regularly during the summer by local Native American tribes (most likely the Shoalwater Baytribe) before Thomas Barker Speake and his family arrived early in the summer of 1857. Westport is also the home to a station for the US Coast Guard. In 2015, the school district became the first to build a publicly funded “vertical evacuation” and tsunami shelter elementary school.

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Lake Cushman in the Winter

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Three Children Go Missing Near Carbonado

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In 1888, George Grant Mackay, a Scottish civil engineer, and land developer, arrived in the young city of Vancouver in Canada. Mackay purchased 6,000 acres of dense forest on either side of Capilano River and built a cabin on the very edge of the canyon wall.

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