Not sure if I’ll keep doing things this way, but for the time being, I’ll follow the usual format with this photo from Prince of Wales Island of posting a weekly wallpaper on Wednesdays with a short ‘where, what and how’. Then either later that day or shortly afterwards I’ll place a copy of the photograph on the galleries page.

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Prince of Wales Island


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Behind the Photo

This photo was taken about day 5 of a 10 day trip paddling west on Sumner Channel just west of Wrangell, Alaska with my good friend and partner Jason Goldstein. It’s ironic that despite having such great weather for the majority of the trip (we actually came back with suntans) we were forced to retreat from our ultimate goal due to a frontal system moving in. Our last night in Wrangell found us sheltering from a down pour under the eave of the ferry terminal waiting for the southbound ferry that was delayed due to a negative tide.

Prince of Wales Island

I was surprised to learn that this island which is located in the Alexander Archipelago in SE Alaska is the fourth largest in the US. We paddled down the north edge of the island which is 135 miles long and 45 miles wide. On the way north we did notice there is a ferry that services the island and it’s 6,000 residents. While on the NE corner of the island we did find a road paralleling the beach so there’s some infrastructure on the island. Just from the small section we paddled and camped on, I’d love to go back to hit the west side.


I’ve used Pentax cameras for many years. It gets over shadowed by the big 3 manufacturers but as a paddler there are a couple of items about this line that are worth mentioning. One is that excellent weather sealing. Not so much a rarity as it once was, but Pentax was the first to utilize this feature.

The other is a shooting mode. You can configure speed/aperture range which is great when you’re shooting from the cockpit of your boat on a choppy sea. Follow the link below to find out more about this line.

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