Witnessing a Golden Pacific Sunset over Young Love

I’m usually not one to photograph people, unless I’m using them to portray scale in a landscape shot. This was the exception. The was a small crowd at the jetties enjoying the sunset but this couple were as much into each others company as their surroundings. How could your spirits not be lifted by young love under a glorious sunset?

Young Love


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Behind the Photo

There’s no real magic to taking this photograph. Really there’s one objective trick and one subject choice. The objective trick is to use RAW. This allows you to pull as much, or as little, detail  from the shadows as you choose. The next is framing the shot. Here I used the couple to ‘balance’ the sun and I also timed the shot for the wind to add some movement in the young ladies hair.

Ocean Shores

The City of Ocean Shores occupies the Point Brown peninsula on the Washington coast. Long before the arrival of European explorers and settlers, the peninsula was used by the various local tribes for trading and other purposes. The Chinook, Chehalis, and Quinault Tribes used the area, as well as others that now make up the Quinault Indian Nation.

On May 7, 1792 Captain Robert Gray sailed into the bay and named the area Bullfinch Harbor. Later, Captain George Vancouver renamed the area after Captain Gray, now called Gray’s Harbor. The first white established settler on the Point was Matthew McGee, who settled in the early 1860s. He sold the southern portion of the peninsula to A.O. Damon in 1878 for a trading supply center whose dock extended into the Oyehut channel.

Today, you’ll find just about as many hotels and trinket shops as you’ll find permanent residents. As a rule I try to avoid the place during the tourist season, but it has a wonderful charm if you visit during the off-season.


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