This took much longer than I had hoped but as the saying goes, “Life gets in the way” sometimes. In this case ‘life’ being family, friends and work. Also, I use these ‘shorts’ to experiment and try new techniques. Still, I would have liked to have this one out sooner, especially when the subject is the solar eclipse.

Filming The Solar Eclipse

This project was a little more difficult than most. Not only was I trying to film, but I was also taking reading for and submitting my results to NASA. This included the temperature at one minute intervals and taking photos of the sky at 15 minute intervals.

I also was trying to run a live feed for The Daily Astorian. Everything worked, but not necessarily well. In hindsight that was a lot of balls in the air to try and juggle. I think the takeaway was less balls or bigger crew. Theresa was there to help, and that’s the only reason I had any success at all, but we could have used, say four more hands.

But then again, that’s why I do these shorts. Trying to make the mistakes on ‘no pressure’ projects to hone my skills for the ‘pressure’ projects.

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    1. Steve Weileman

      Not sure I did a good job showing just how nervous we were and how touch and go it actually got. But thanks for the compliment none the less. Hope to get better.

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