Rinse and Repeat

Over the couse of a life time, how many times have you read the phrase, ‘rinse and repeat’ on the back of a shampoo bottle? Countless, but I was reminded of just that phrase as I pack to head back to Alaska and the west side of Cook Inlet.

Chisisk Island

There’s a slight twist this time. Last summer I spent the majority of the summer ferrying supplies to various camps up and down the inlet; or at least I attempted to whenever the weather let me out of port.

Steve tending the fire for the clients while they fish the mouth. Photograph by Theres Weileman
Steve tending the fire for the clients while they fish the mouth of the river.
Photograph by Theresa Weileman

This year I’ll be managing base camp for a group of genealogist from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. As I understand it they’ll be support by a helicopter crew and flying out deep into the back country to do surveys. Over the course of 4 weeks we’ll have anywhere from 10 to 16 people rotating through the cannery on Chisik Island.

Last year when left I wasn’t sure if I’d be returning, but here I am packing gear to head back up. Rinse and repeat. As much as I love Alaska it’s really become more about the people then the scenery, although both are outstanding.

It’s my understanding that communication off the island is limited this year due to whatever gremlins have worked their way into the cosmos so I guess I’ll be suspending the ‘Weekly Wallpapers’ until my return. If possible I’ll try to post from the island if I get a chance.

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    Have a great trip!

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    Hi there,I came across your blog as I was doing some raeesrch about teaching in Alaska. I am seriously contemplating this as my next adventure when I return to the United States. Right now I am teaching overseas in the United Arab Emirates. I have a husband and 2 year old daughter and so that makes going different places a bit more challenging. However, my husband and I had talked about Alaska quite some time ago and it would be a dream come true for us to raise our little one (maybe another) there in Alaska. We long to experience more outdoor adventures. My husband was raised in CO and loves hunting and fishing. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me a little bit about getting certified to teach in Alaska and how to find an abundance of teaching jobs up there. I ideally would like to find employment before I arrive back in the US and I know that might be very challenging. I would love a bit more information! Happy Holidays and thank you for your blog! Sincerely, E. Stephanie Woodward

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