The New Age of Adventure-Ten Years of Great Writing

First off let me call attention to our lower left sidebar. You’ll notice the section now entitled Recommend Reading. All our members are avid readers and we’d like to use this section to pass on some of our favorites to you. These are books that we’ve read and highly recommend, whether the subject is historical, adventure, exploration or in some cases an exceptionally useful  field guide. To order from Amazon just click on the image in the left sidebar and you’ll be taken right to the books page. I’ll try to throw up a new recommendation every month. For those really outstanding books, we’ll include a review here in the journal.

So, here’s my first recommendation, and in a way I’m all ready breaking the rules in that I’ve just started the book. The New Age of Adventure: Ten Years of Great Writing was just released and I’m only about a third of the way into it, but it is already such an exceptional read that I wanted to pass it on; this book is a perfect read for a weekend overnighter in a kayak.

Here’s Amazon’s editorial review:

National Geographic Adventure has published the best work by today’s finest writers, and this tenth anniversary anthology assembles an elite corps of authors that includes Sebastian Junger, Peter Matthiessen, Philip Caputo, and two dozen others. These reporters have voyaged to the ends of the earth to bring back the decade’s most thrilling, eccentric, and extraordinary tales. But the pieces collected here do more than paint a portrait of the world’s most extreme and fascinating environments—they also explore important questions about adventure in the 21st century.

These stories rocket readers across the roof of the world on the new high-speed railway in Tibet, describe the tension between Indian farmers and the sacred elephants besieging their villages, and introduce them to a shaman whom some believe can cure the most serious depressions. We meet the great Afghan warlord Ahmed Shah Massoud—said to have been the finest guerrilla fighter since Ho Chi Minh—encounter a yeti with legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner, and much more.

This is a wide-ranging collection for every road warrior and adventurer—armchair or otherwise—culled from the much acclaimed journal that in its first ten years has won millions of devoted readers and garnered more than a dozen prestigious prizes for excellence in journalism.

Not much more I can add to this but my I love the fact that the book contains such well written, gripping short stories that can easily be finished in a single sitting. Perfect to read next to a campfire or for relaxing in your sleeping bag after a long days paddle.

Grab a copy, you won’t be disappointed.

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