Doesn’t seem like we’ve had much of a fall this year, in fact, the weather, with its cumulus towers and thunder in the distance, feels more like spring. Certainly the colors are here, but I just haven’t felt any of those cool crisp mornings you associate with the coming of winter.

Puget Sound

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Puget Sound

Just north of Steilacoom where this photo was taken, is the new Chamber Bay Golf Course and before that it was a sand-and-gravel quarry, with bunkers and docks for loading the gravel on barges. Prior to the golf course going in, I used to paddle up here specifically for the beachcombing.

I grew up in a wood cabin on Puget Sound in Manchester, Wash. My family taught me to appreciate the arts and the outdoors, and I still yearn for the absolute silence I experienced there when I was young. – Steven Holl

With almost no foot traffic the high tide mark was a treasure trove of collectibles; not so much these days, but the views are as awe-inspiring as ever. The sound was named by Captain Vancouver in tribute to his Third Lieutenant Peter Puget. I wonder what Puget would think of the place now?

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