Boats, boats, boats. The only thing I love more than a boat is lots of boats. If you suffer from the same affliction, then by all means do yourself a favor and stop at the Port Townsend boat yard. You’ll find every size, shape and configuration imaginable…from every port-of-call imaginable. More than once I’ve lost track of time just wondering amongst them while admiring their lines, rigging and such. And of course, you’re bound to bump into a colorful character or two.

Port Townsend

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Port Townsend

In November 1997, the Port of Port Townsend completed construction of the Port Townsend Boatyard, the culmination of years of planning, design, permitting, and construction.  The port’s most ambitious expansion project in more than two decades, this improved home of the region’s marine trades provides you with a host of maintenance and new marine construction opportunities.

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. – Kenneth Grahame

Featuring a heavy boat haul out facility, Port Townsend is a destination of choice for refits of all types.  The largest Marine Travelift on site is capable of lifting vessels up to 150 feet long with a maximum beam of 30’6″, weighing up to 330 tons.  As the home of the Wooden Boat Foundation and the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding, the many marine trades businesses that call the shipyard home hold a wealth of special expertise in the maintenance and restoration of all types of wooden boats and ships.

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