Pacific City Surf Off

Last weekend I was invited to attend the 3rd annual Pacific City Surf Off organized by Chris Bensch and shoot the event. However, Mother Nature had other plans in store for those brave enough to head out to the coast in spite of the weather forecast; sometimes you win, sometimes not.

As it turned out, the Pacific Northwest was racked with a record setting storm with gust exceeding hurricane strength on the coast. Flooding, downed trees, power outages were all present during the 2 days. For those of us one the coast you can add 20+ foot seas slamming the beaches. Chris had to make a tough call, and certainly didn’t want to pull the plug, but taking into account everyone’s safety he made the hard call and as events played out obviously the right one.

Pacific City
One of the contestants bravely drove to the event in this rig. (Photograph by Theresa Weileman)
Daybreak on Pacific City
The event that almost was; the 3rd Annual Pacific City Surf Off (Photograph by Steve Weileman)

As it turned out, Theresa and I burrowed into blankets in front of the fireplace and watched the spectacle rage outside. Although no one was on the surf, it made for quite a show.

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