As I mentioned in my previous post, although this training was only a day, due to the filming I was going to be doing on top of it, I came up early to make sure I’d have a weather window in order to get some b-roll in the can. The hope was to grab some shots from both Point Wilson and Port Townsend.

For once, I made a smart decision.

Arriving at Point Wilson

There are definitely mornings that are easier to get out of bed then other. This morning wasn’t one of those. When I arrived the first evening, there wa a beautiful sunset as a small bulb of high pressure kept the clouds that had hounded me on the way up at bay.

With that in mind, I wanted to get up early and shot a timelapse of sunrise. The forecast was iffy, but you can’t always trust the forecast; they have been known to be wrong. So it was up 2 hours before sunrise in order to get camera, slider, coffee, and bleary eyed me out to the dunes in time to get everything setup well before sunrise.

The overcast, this time was right where they said it would be, but there was a layer on the horizon that was letting the sunrise shine through so it was worth the early morning. Winds were calm so I knocked for some aerial shots as well. All in all, not a bad start.

However, as I sit here in mid afternoon the camp is getting buffeted by gust of 20 knots or more. Am I getting soft that I don’t miss my old Mountain Hardware tent or just wise with age? Not sure, but I do love this hard sided popup trailer. Heaters running, kettles on the stove, nice table to type on, batteries charging…yea, I’m going to go with wisdom!

Speaking of forecast, tomorrow is a wash, but we had planned on heading out to Glass Beach that I had read about over on the Pacific Wanderers page here. They have an excellent website, you should check it out for sure. Looking forward to meeting these guys on the trail sometime.

Sunday looks good. Hopefully I can wrap up the b-roll then.

Headwinds out to Glass Beach

Despite the numerous times I’ve been to the Port Townsend area, I had never heard of Glass Beach. I stumbled on it’s exist over at Pacific North Wanderers. You haven’t been over to this site do yourself a favor and subscribe. They have great write ups on their adventures in the Northwest and this is a great example.

So, using their information, we parked and headed out towards the beach. The wind had shifted sometime during the night and put our camp in the lee of the wind. Not so over on this side of the park. Gale force winds buffeted us the whole way making our 3 mile hike feel more like 6 miles. I’ve never had to walk in such high winds. But, as promised, the beach below McCurdy Point was full of sea glass. It took a bit to hone in on it, but was you start picking it out you can’t help but see it everywhere.

And once you start seeing it everywhere you can’t help but pick it up. Even when your back is saying, “No”! I swear it becomes like a drug! Consider yourself warned if you decide to head out.

Prepping Gear

Sunday broke with calm winds and abundant sunshine; a perfect day to relax at camp and double check all the gear. Sliders, wireless microphones, lens, battery levels, and filters all were checked, clean or replaced. I was assuming that trying to make decapod crustacean experts of us volunteers in just 6 hours meant a fast pace so I didn’t want to stumble around with my gear.

But what is it they say about the best laid plans?

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