An Evening on the Nefarious Rum Island

A few years back Kiwi and I had heard about an Island just over the Canadian border that once housed a leper colony. Curiosity drove us to visit and see what was left of such a heartbreaking exile. Since we had paddled into the Canadian Gulf Islands we decided to hit a few others and with its romantic name, Rum Island  seemed a perfect spot to spent a night.

Rum Island


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Behind the Photo

After sitting up camp Kiwi and I started walking the shoreline looking for anything interesting that might catch our eyes. The shoreline was littered with old beached logs and as the setting sun started to reflect in the wispy clouds I saw an interesting photo opportunity.

I used the lines of the log to draw the viewer’s eyes to the clouds. The juxtaposition of the rough bark against the silky clouds is a bonus. Having Kiwi in frame ties everything together and adds a sense of scale.

Rum Island

This small island features a Douglas fir/arbutus forest and coastal bluffs, as well as vegetation that reflects the warm Mediterranean climate of the southern Gulf Islands, including prickly pear cactus. A trail circles the island and provides views of seals and otters at Tom Point, as well as of Haro Strait and the San Juan Islands.

Rum Island’s name derives from its former role as a liquor cache during Prohibition. This island is popular with kayakers who stop overnight on multi-day paddling trips, but plan to arrive earlier in the day as there are only a limited number of campsites (3 sites). Rum Island is connected to neighbouring Gooch Island by a gravel beach that is the best place to put a kayak ashore. Gooch Island is private property: please do not trespass. Marine access only, pit toilets and no drinking water.



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