This year has certainly been a great year for lunar activity with 3 super moons so far. Unfortunately, either work or overcast have kept me from taking advantage of them, however, looking through my collection of photographs I did find this series of the lunar eclipse which took place in my neck of the woods a couple years back where the weather did cooperate.

Steilacoom Lunar Eclipse

Camera Settings

[exif id=”10561″]

Lunar Eclipse

A beautiful clear evening and despite the full moon the stars were visible as well making it well worth braving the below freezing temperatures. I remember it being painful to operate the manual release after just a few seconds of exposure. But once I dumped the SD card all was forgotten.

Actually, this photograph is just before the lunar eclipse takes place; I found that once it started there just wasn’t enough light to make for a very compiling capture. At least not with the gear I had on hand at the time. Should everything align again maybe Ill try to duplicate this shot with some of the more sensitive gear I now have at my disposal.

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