Lighthouses – part 2

As we were enjoying the sunshine and a bit of coffee, we noticed another pair of kayakers making their way to the water. One of the boats looked familiar, and sure enough, it was Mitch McKinnon of Coyote Co. Mitch and I were students together in a BCU 5 star training session out at Cape Flattery. It was good to catch up and hear his upcoming projects and adventures. Mitch gave us some invaluable tips on some of the local paddling areas, and we quickly decided that we’d be coming back to this area soon.

Steve scouting shots. (Photograph by Jason Goldstein)

The rest of the afternoon was spent reviewing our footage, and cleaning gear. That night I realized just how under the weather Kiwi really was due to the deep cough that kept him up through most of the night. He had apparently put on quite a brave face in paddling out to Tillamook, and I was afraid he had over stressed himself. The next morning I made it a point to mention that regardless of what we decided to do with the rest of the trip I was satisfied with what we had already accomplished. He gamely wanted to carry on and so we headed up the coast to Kalaloch State Park.

Waterfall near 4th beach. (Photograph by Brad Miller)

When we arrived we found the third member of our team, Brad Miller, had arrived earlier in the day and had been busy scouting out the area. It was a bit late in the day to get on the water, so spent the rest of the day going over our plans and contingency plans if Kiwi just wasn’t feeling up to it in the morning.

The boys taking a break. (Photograph by Steve Weileman)

Next morning the weather was perfect, but Kiwi had suffered another restless night, and so we decided to scrub the paddle. A hard choice to make that morning, but as it turned out it was the right call. That night we had heavy winds build and I’m sure it would have taxed Kiwi even more. This also gave us the opportunity to explore the area with Brad and learn some more of this photo knowledge. Brad had never been to the mouth of the Hoh River, so we used this opportunity to show him the area. While we were there we were treated to flocks of Brown Pelican’s (Pelecanus occidentalis) flying and fishing just offshore.

Turns out that Destruction Island is jealously guarding her secrets but if our schedules allow, we’ll make one more attempt to reach the island. Third times a charm, right?

A Brown Pelican near the mouth of the Hoh River. (Photograph by Jason Goldstein)
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