Lake Quinault’s Merriman Falls

Recently Theresa and I decided to head out to Lake Quinault and spend the weekend exploring the area. I think we both were a bit antsy to get out and dust the winter cobwebs loose. We really didn’t have any agenda, and as such, I didn’t really do any research on what the area had to offer. This was strictly a ‘wing it’ sort of event. But in this instance it turned out to have some hidden jewels made all the more rewarding as they were completely unexpected; Merriman Falls landing squarely in that category.

Merriman Falls

Merriman Falls on South Shore Dr of Quinault Lake, Washington. Photograph by Steve Weileman (


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Behind the Photo

As mentioned we really had no idea what was around our campsite in the way of ‘must see’s’. After some coffee and breakfast we jumped in the FJ had just followed the road east to see what we’d come across. The pavement soon ended and we went from ranch land to forest to streams to waterfalls.

We had pulled over to check a smaller waterfall and angling for a better shot we were floored to glance to the left and see Merriam Falls in all it’s glory. With the amount of snowfall we had this winter it was full and running hard. I ended up taking a series of photographs from many different angles and I’m sure you’ll see them here over the next few months. The wide base of the falls allows you to pick different perspectives. Enough so that many of the shots will look like they were taken from different locations entirely. Just be careful of scrambling around the rocks. Even the bare ones are very slick!

Merriman Falls

Merriam Falls is located on the South Shore Drive approximately 4 miles east of the Lake Quinault Lodge. Look out for a bridge crossing it’s stream and a large sign announcing you’re about to enter the Olympic National Park. I don’t you’ll have any problems finding it. I hear that in late summer the run off can decrease significantly so spring, early summer seems to be the best time to photograph the fall.


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