I’ve only been through Port Orford a few times. Blink twice and you might very well miss it; 90 seconds on Hwy 101 will take you right through it. However, what it lacks in size it more than makes up in charm. What’s always drawn me is it’s marina and the unique method it has to launch its commercial fleet. It’s one of only six ‘dolly docks’ in the world. The boats are stored on wheeled dollies and large cranes with slings lower and raise the boats.

Port Orford


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Behind the Photo

I wanted to show both the size of the coast and the wild beauty of the Pacific. I attempted to do so, by placing Cape Blanco and it’s lighthouse in the background and a bit of the headland in the foreground. The homes and lake on the shoreline also help to give a sense of scale.

And the whitecaps stretching as far as the eye can see of course let you know that the wind was a bit factor that day. I had to anchor my tripod down my camera bag.

Port Orford

This headland is completely hidden from view from both the highway and the marina. I would have never know it was there if I hadn’t taken a peek at the area maps on my tablet. The map showed a road and a parking lot near the headland. That was enough for me to go check it out. I have to admit I was completely surprised and the views this area had to afford.


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