Having spent much of my youth on the beaches of the Florida panhandle I’m use to white beach, but I must admit there is something special and exotic to me about snow at the oceans edge. The beaches of Grayland are wide open and have a certain loneliness to them; I’ve never seen more than a handful of people on them at any one time, and I’m often the only one enjoying the scenery. But add snow to the mix and it takes on an entirely other worldly feel.

Grayland Beach

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Grayland received its name from Captain Robert Gray, an American Explorer who, on May 7, 1792, discovered the harbors now named form him. Although he named the harbor Bulfinch, in honor of one of the owners of his ship, Lieutenant Joseph Whidbey renamed the area Gray’s Harbor in October 1792. Lieutenant Whidbey’s charts were published and, thus, the name stuck.

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In addition the beaches and handful of small mom-and-pop business, the area is known for its cranberry farms. The stretch as far and as wide as the beaches themselves. The only concession to modern time are the electric producing windmills that have recently sprung up on the hill side and now dominate the skyline.

Still, stand on the beach watching the waves and listening to the gulls and you’d never know what century you’re in.


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