You may or may not recognize this beach. The beach sits on the northwest corner of Vargas Island just west of Tofino, British Columbia. Over the last couple of years it’s achieved some notoriety for its population of wolves. They’ve been featured in multiple publications including National Geographic.I’ve had the pleasure of camping here numerous times despite seeing prints on several of the occasions I’ve only spotted one of the wolves in the early morning drifting like a ghost between the tide line and woods.

Vargas Island


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Behind the Photo

It’s almost embarrassing how simple it was capturing this photograph. The trick is really just being in the right spot at the right time. Then you might want to bracket your shots just so you have some options with the amount of details in your shadows. That at a bit of framing rembering to include some foreground objects to give your photograph some depth.

Vargas Island

Due to its close proximity to Tofino, Vargas Island Provincial Park in Clayoquot Sound is a very popular paddling and wilderness camping destination. Visitors also come here for the exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities offered, including the chance to see Gray whales in the area around Ahous Bay. Naturalists are drawn to this area every spring as the Gray whales pass by the island on their way to summer feeding grounds in the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea.

Vargas Island Provincial Park protects the rugged western portion of Vargas Island, Blunden Island and the tiny La Croix Group of islands immediately northwest of Tofino. Much of the island is relatively flat and its interior features a number of bogs.

Marine features including exposed rocky coast, sandy beaches, sheltered channels and bays, an intertidal lagoon and mudflats are all protected within the park’s boundaries. The park is also home to ancient sand berms – rows of crescent-shaped sand mounds that indicate earlier sea levels.


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