Enjoying the Winter Beach at Grayland

A couple of weekends ago Theresa and I snuck out from all the holiday obligations to take advantage of one of the northwest’s rare sunny weekends. The Washington coast is breathtaking no matter what the conditions, but there’s something magical about a stroll along the waters edge on a  sunny winter beach; the low, golden sunlight just makes everything seem surreal.

Snowy Beach
Theresa and Casio at the trail head with 5″ snow underfoot (or paw). (Photograph by Steve Weileman)

Winter Beach

And it doesn’t hurt that you can find yourself completely alone on the beach especially if you take the time to head south to Grayland. The whole time we were there we passed only a handful of other beach combers. As we’ve been pounded lately by the rain lately, it was a pleasure putting this clip together and remember what the sun looks like. Might be all the sun we get for awhile if the forecast is correct.

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    This is an amazing video. My husband and I love the music and the Washington ocean’s. Your video work is exceptional. Please continue with your work.

    Greetings from Oklahoma
    Regina Thompson

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    Appreciate the kind words Regina! My next short project will the the Dash 2009 race, but then I’ll be releasing a trailer of our earlier trip to Alaska.

    Stay tuned.

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