Discover the Natural Beauty and Serenity of Damon Point

We spent a stormy and dramatic weekend exploring Damon Point, not to mention watching Humpback whales feeding off the point.

Damon Point

Damon Point, located near Ocean Shores, Washington, holds a rich history and stands as a captivating testament to the ever-changing forces of nature. Originally a small peninsula formed by sediment deposition, Damon Point has undergone significant transformations over the years due to tidal patterns and coastal erosion. Today, it stands as a narrow, sandy strip that stretches out into the ocean, attracting visitors with its unique beauty and intriguing past.

The history of Damon Point is intertwined with maritime tales and shipwrecks that have left their mark on the area. Over the years, numerous vessels succumbed to the treacherous waters surrounding the point, leading to their fateful demise. While specific shipwrecks may not be documented in abundance, the area has seen its fair share of maritime mishaps, where the relentless power of the ocean claimed vessels and scattered their remnants along the shores.

Presently, Damon Point remains a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers. The area is a haven for wildlife, providing a sanctuary for various bird species, including migrating shorebirds, eagles, and herons. The shifting sands and dunes create an ever-changing landscape, while the seagrass and beach vegetation add a touch of serenity to the surroundings. Walking along the shoreline, visitors can witness the ebb and flow of the tides, take in stunning sunsets, and feel the gentle sea breeze on their faces.

Damon Point
Sea grass gracefully sways in the gentle breeze on the beach, an elegant choreography with nature's melody, as it whispers secrets of the sea and adds a touch of enchantment to the coastal landscape.

Though the remnants of shipwrecks may not be prominently visible today, the echoes of maritime history still resonate through the stories told by locals and the allure of the ever-present sea. Damon Point, with its captivating scenery and storied past, continues to capture the imagination, reminding us of the powerful forces that shape our world and the lasting legacies left behind by those who braved the unpredictable waters.

We decided to explore this area during the off-season when the crowds would be far less than during the summer rush. Despite some spectacular winter sunsets and sunrises, the highlight had to be when we hiked out to the point.

While eating our lunch on a log, we became aware of what sounded like whales’ breath, but it seemed far too close to actually be whales. We were wrong. The deep water channel wraps around the backside of the point and is less than 100 yards offshore. Looking near the channel marker, we saw the two backs of Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) disappear beneath the water only to reappear in the same spot a few minutes later. Apparently, they were happy to remain stationary and let the food come to them on the flooding tide. They shared our lunch with us the entire time we were there. Magical. 


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We spent a stormy and dramatic weekend exploring Damon Point, not to mention watching Humpback whales feeding off the point.


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Wreck of the S.S. Catala on Damon Point

The S.S. Catala, a steamship that played a significant role in the Pacific Northwest, had a fascinating history that ended in tragedy. Built in 1925, the Catala served as a vital transportation link, ferrying passengers and cargo along the Washington coast. However, in an ill-fated turn of events, the ship met its demise when it ran aground on Damon Point. This incident, which occurred in the early morning hours of January 17, 1932, was a result of treacherous weather conditions and poor visibility. 

One notable and chilling aspect of the Catala’s grounding was the story of a young girl who fell through the deck during the chaos. Miraculously, she managed to cling to a beam until rescuers reached her, saving her from a perilous fate. This extraordinary tale of survival amidst the shipwreck adds a poignant and gripping element to the history of the S.S. Catala.


Agates Abound

Hunting for agate rocks near Damon Point is a truly exhilarating experience for rock enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Damon Point offers a picturesque setting where the convergence of land and sea creates the perfect conditions for agate formation. As eager treasure hunters traverse the sandy beaches, their eyes scan the shoreline in search of these prized gemstones. The thrill of stumbling upon a vibrant agate, with its swirling patterns and translucent hues, fills the heart with joy and a sense of discovery. 

The rhythmic sound of crashing waves and the salty breeze heighten the sensory experience, making the hunt for agates near Damon Point a captivating adventure. Whether finding a small, perfectly polished gem or unearthing a larger, raw specimen, each discovery brings a sense of awe and appreciation for the wonders of nature. 

The joy of hunting agate rocks near Damon Point lies not only in the treasure found but also in the connection forged with the coastal environment and the timeless beauty of these geological marvels.

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