Twenty-five years ago I came up to Washington for a two week visit of friends who had been stationed up here at the local Air Force base. I think I’ve over extended my original plans. But then is it any wonder that once here you’d find it difficult to leave? I certainly haven’t been to all the states but of the good number I have I can’t think of any that have more variety of incredibly beautiful and diverse sites to see. And honestly, in the 25 years I’ve been here I’ve just scratched the surface.


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Crescent Bay

Crescent Bay, and the Salt Creek Campground just next door has to be one of my favorites. And not just mine, anyone I’ve brought here quickly falls in love with the place as well. For this weekend, Theresa and our Golden Retriever Casio, had the place to ourselves. Not many oceanfronts you can visit in the US that can make that claim.

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