Chisik Island

I’ve had the pleasure of spending more then a few seasons on Chisik Island and although it’s never easy to get off the island once you’re there, I call it the ‘Chisik Curse’, I’m always a bit remorse when doing so. When I say you can’t get off I mean there is always so kind of delay, weather, flights, machinical, etc. I’ve never gotten off the island according to schedule. But when you have sunset like this over the channel I’m have a hard time remembering why I need to get off the island in the first place!

Chisik Island

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Chisik Island

The cannery at the island was built in the 1930’s originally as a clam cannery and after a few false starts and a couple of ownerships finally settled as a salmon cannery. Like it’s contemparies, the cannery was forced to close it’s doors when it became just to expensive to compete with the ‘processing boats’ which were buying up the fishermans catch at prices too low for land based operations.

Historically, Alaska is a place that has attracted those fed up with conventionality. – Bill O’Reilly

But like the mythical phoenix the cannery has found a new life as a wilderness destination ran by the Porter family. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited back season after season to help with operation although it seems never quite in the same roll.

But again with views like this I really don’t care what they have me doing, just that I get the chance to go back!

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