The Lady Washington

Training on The Lady Washington

Back in February Theresa and I flew down to San Francisco to see our son Isaac who is currently employed

Owen Beach

Sea Trials of the Hyas yiem

Launch of the Hyas yiem Last weekend, I met up with Ken for the much anticipated sea-trials of the Hyas


Pacific City Surf Off – Almost

Pacific City Surf Off Last weekend I was invited to attend the 3rd annual Pacific City Surf Off organized by


A Surprise from the M/V Olympic

The Pacific Northwest was the last hold out on summer, but finally we got a taste of it this weekend.



2020 Calendars Shipping Soon!

Just want to thank everyone for all the messages and encouragement this last year. And we really appreciate your donations as well! Our overhead is low, but we do appreciate your generosity in helping with the expenses. 

Check your email as we will be sending our 2020 Calendar over the next few weeks. Feel free to share and publish at your favorite publishers.