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To promote education and conservation through the documentation and participation of leading citizen-science projects. 

We continue to participate in a variety of science projects providing valuable data to organizations such as NOAA, COASST, and Sea Grant. We’ve trapped for the invasive European Green Grab, sampled for microplastics in both the marine and freshwater environments, conducted debris surveys, collected data on beached coastal birds, and collected data on our Wild and Scenic Rivers. 

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  • You never know what a simple hike through the woods will yield. Found this small dam in the hills behind our camp on Hood Canal. I'm guessing that at one time it was used by a hometead to hold water during the summer months.⁠

An advantage to our volunteering is that we’re often well off the beaten track presented with spectacular scenery. Here you can find our more dramatic photos taken in the field.


  • A short timelapse showing a front moving in over Grays Harbor this weekend. #wonderwashington #hikewashington #entertheadventure

Here you’ll find both news related to conservation and citizen science, but also many behind-the-scenes video clips and photos. It’s also a good place for tips on what we’re up to between articles.

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a night at dusty lake

This was something Steve and Theresa had wanted to do ever since they had topped the ridge from Ancient Lakes and looked down toward Dusty Lakes. They invited long-time friend Brad to join them and the trio set out on their Rad Bikes from the lower trailhead.

Despite a few bumps and bruises on the trail, chilly temperatures at night, and being chased across the desert by a thunderstorm they had a great time.

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Our mission is a labor of love, but it does come with overhead. If you’d like to support our efforts we’d certainly appreciate it. Currently, we’re actively participating in the following field research:

  • COASST Beached Bird Surveys
  • Wild and Scenic River Project

Thank you.