We just returned from a trip to the west side of Hood Canal. The plan was to visit Murhut Falls and hopefully capture the falls while they partially frozen. It’s a two step waterfall measuring a neck creaking 153’ high.We’ve had quite a bit of snow this year. If fact I saw something in the news were we have surpassed Minnesota in snowfall this year, but as we drove up the logging road toward the falls I was doubtful it would be cold enough to freeze any water on the falls.

Murhut Falls

Not only are the falls breathtaking but they’re easy to access. The well-maintained Murhut Falls Trail is a short 1.6 mile hike that is great for hikers of all levels. If you are looking for a challenging trek, this might not be the trail for you. But if you want a short trail that delivers a great reward at the end, you are in the right spot.

You will hardly break a sweat in the easy climb to a captivating 130-foot plunging waterfall. The trail was converted from an old logging road, which accounts for its easy, smooth tread. This trail makes for a wonderful and scenic family outing.


Unfortunately I was correct about there not being any ice on the falls as temperatures were above freezing. However that didn’t stop it from snowing just as I pulled out my Phantom 4 Pro to capture some footage from above.

Big wet flakes started coming down in earnest so I kept my flight time to a minimum. But the upside was we had the place to ourselves. Theresa crossed to the far side of the creek but butt shuffling across a log in an attempt to access the cave situated behind the falls. The water was too high to safely make an attempt so she retreated.

Which after an hour of shooting footage we both did. However, I’m sure we’ll be back later this spring to give it another attempt.

Steve Weileman

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