Launch of the Hyas yiem

Last weekend, I met up with Ken for the much anticipated sea-trials of the Hyas yiem, or as we use to say in the Coast Guard, a float test. As a side note, it’s truly amazing how many deck items we found that didn’t float, but that’s another story. It was obvious Ken was a bit nervous about the whole deal, not that he need worry about impending disaster, but rather the amount of time he and other volunteers had put into the construction of the plastic boat kayak.

But, like most things in life, the worry was uncalled for and Hyas yiem not only floated but floated high. So, assuming she withstands our usual surly Spring weather things should go according to plan. Wink. Here’s a short piece I put together.

Steve Weileman

I've been lucky enough to have some of my work featured on CNN, Outside TV and, National Geographic. Join me as I continue to both learn the art of film-making and document the exciting new modern world of citizen-science. His work has been featured on CNN, National Geographic, and OutsideTV, as well as numerous local outlets.

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