The sign stated that the private tree farm was closed to motor vehicles but opened to foot traffic. So, if we wanted to find our unnamed waterfall that meant hoofing the last 1.5 miles on foot. The thing that worried me was the high voltage wire crackling above the FJ.

Unnamed Waterfall

Theresa and I headed back over to the Olympic National Forest to spend a weekend looking for an unnamed waterfall I had found mentioned in the Waterfall Survey website. It wasn’t really so much about finding a waterfall, the Pacific Northwest has more than you can shake a stick at, but rather having a target to get us out into a new unexplored area.

Dosewallips Mouth

This waterfall was supposedly located just off the Jupiter Mountain Trail and accessed by forest roads. Turning off Hwy 101 we quickly started gaining altitude and it was long before we were tracking the high-voltage lines marked on the topo and service the area.

I’m not sure about the roads we were following. Instead of being marked by NF2060 they were designated by a J; like J1020. I suspect this area had been sold off in the past, but if anyone as an idea as the ownership and designations please leave a comment.

High Voltage

We still had a 1.5 miles to go before we reached the drainage when we came across a gate blocking the trail. The good news was a sign saying you could enjoy the are, just not by motor vehicle. The air was thick with humidity as it had rained all night and morning. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous packing our gear while I listened to the high-voltage lines popping and crackling overhead.

But with no one electrified as we started down the trail. We were in luck that the rain held off during our hike, but I can’t say we ever found the waterfall. The drainage was there as well as a fair sized creek but nothing really resembling a waterfall. Perhaps we didn’t bushwhack far enough, but we certainly weren’t disappointed. Ever surface was draped in brilliant green and the pools along the creek bed were crystal clear. Waterfall or not we checked this outing in the win column.

Steve Weileman

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  1. Waterfall or not, it sounds like it was a good time. There’s been times, for whatever reason, where we couldn’t complete a hike or find what we were looking for. It’s a great excuse to get back out there and try again in the future!

    Love the photos!

    1. Good point on going back for another go around! We’re headed to La Push tonight for just that reason. Hopefully our assigned beach will be accessible this weekend and we can get out there to survey for birds. Hope our paths cross sometime this season and thanks for the compliment.

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