Test Flight of DJI Phantom

For this years film we want to get some aerial shots. In the past there’s been no cheap, or relatively cheap, method to do so. Recently that’s change with the introduction of the DJI Phantom; a simple to fly, yet very advanced platform for getting a GoPro airborne. And for us the price break was right. This rig runs in the hundreds rather then the thousands.

Ken will be the primary pilot and he’s been logging many test flights. Last thing we want to do is ‘float test’ the Phantom in Cook Inlet. However, I did need to get it in my hands to find the optimum  altitude for filming and such. I ran next door to the old Fort Steilacoom barns and flew it around the structures. Even with my limited time on the yoke it captured some useable footage.

There is a slight ‘wobble’ to the footage but once we add the performance blades and camera damper housing I feel sure that will be reduce significantly. Here’s a short of the days test flight.


Steve Weileman, wilderness guide, professional photographer, and award-winning filmmaker, continues to combine his passion for the outdoors and his creativity into filmmaking as well as making his unique set of skills available for commercial productions. His work has been featured on CNN, National Geographic, and OutsideTV, as well as numerous local outlets.

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