Between chores around base-camp and setting up camera gear I’m almost always in need of a small tool of some sort. Multi-tools have just the assortment of tools I most need, but honestly, I hate wearing them on my belt. I find that having them on my hip is both cumbersome and inefficient. The SOG Baton Q3 solves both those issues with it’s novel design.

Innovative Design

Before I go into where you keep the SOG Baton Q3, let’s talk about it’s tools. As far as this goes, it’s much like any other multi-tools out there in that it has, pliers, wire-cutters, knife, file, etc. However, as a eye glass wearer I do appreciate that it has a small jewelers screwdriver that can tighten loose eye frames.

But where the SOG Baton Q3 really shines is in its design and the fact that you carry it in your front pocket like you would a folding blade. No hot spot in the small of your back, no having it drop to the floor if you’re like me an prefer a nylon belt, and no getting in the way of a backpack hip strap.

Also, it’s much easier to access; not pulling or unsnapping a flap to get it out for use. I’ve had a couple of people ask me about it and they’re response was the same as mine.

Other Models

SOG has 4 different versions of this tools and I’d recommend looking at all of them to find the one that fits your needs, but if you ever find yourself in need a these basic tools then do yourself a favor and pick one up. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

If you use the link below it won’t cost you any more but EME will get a little back for which I’m appreciative.

SOG Baton Q3

9 Baton Q3
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  • Carrying Location
  • Easy of Access
  • Cost
  • Build Quality


  • Tools a Bit Hard to Open

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