Located in the heart of the San Juan Island group and consisting of one arce I’m not sure Posey Island qualifies as an island. It might be more accurately be called Posey Islet, and depending on which direction you’re facing you’ll either feel like you’re in someone’s backyard or deep in the wilderness. Still, it’s hard to camp in a ‘bad’ place when you’re in San Juans, and it’s a great jumping off site for other adventures.

Posey Island

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Posey Island

The night I took this photograph Jason and I were on a trip over the Canadian border to explore a few of the various island on the far side of the border. Our main objective was to reach Darcy Island and see what reminded of the leper colony that was one on the island.

Islands are natural workshops of evolution. – Richard Dawkins

We were full of expectations of what our trip would bring, but that didn’t keep us of enjoying the beauty we had at hand. And being the off season we had the whole place to ourselves. In fact during that mult-day trip we never saw other kayaker or shared a any of our campsites with anyone.

Off seasons are great time to go exploring the San Juans.

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