Just because I’m buried in editing ‘Secrets of Augustine, doesn’t mean new and exciting things aren’t happening over at the Ikkatsu Project. In fact, Ken has just completed the construction of the Hyas yiem, our plastic bottle kayak. The plan is to paddle this boat from Olympia north 150 miles to Bellingham stopping along the way to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution present here in our own backyard. You can find out more details about the project here.

Although my involvement has been limited as I finish our documentary, I took a little time out to create this logo for the project.

Message in a Plastic Bottle
Poster for ‘Message in a Plastic Bottle’. Designed by Steve Weileman

The first sea-trail will be this Sunday, February 16th, 1PM at Owen Beach, and I’ll be there filming. If you’re in the area stop by and say hello. If our calculations are correct you can have your photo taken with Hyas yiem; if not, we’d appreciate the help collecting all the bottles off the beach!

Steve Weileman

I've been lucky enough to have some of my work featured on CNN, Outside TV and, National Geographic. Join me as I continue to both learn the art of film-making and document the exciting new modern world of citizen-science. His work has been featured on CNN, National Geographic, and OutsideTV, as well as numerous local outlets.

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